Simplify The Complexity of Contract Management

Busy teams and complex governance structures need simple solutions.
Complete CLM reduces complexity and improves partnership working.

Accountability and Autonomy

Utilise team resources efficiently by providing defined workflows and clear processes.

Clear Roles and Responsibilities

Clarify roles and responsibilities with user profiles that determine what people can see, and do.

Collaborative Relationship Management

Invite your supply chain to collaborate in Complete and build a robust audit trail of activity.

Automated Knowledge Management

Capture and safely store the peripheral information that contributes to the creation of your contracts.

Integrated Financial Management

Record and reconcile contract finance. Track invoices and link variations to specific services, and commissioners.

Enhanced Contract Governance

Meet regulatory policy requirements and evidence compliance with meetings, review groups, and FOI.

Quality, Data, and Service Improvement

Monitor contract KPIs, contract obligations, quality and data quality, or service development plans.

Contract Management Reporting

Keep Senior Managers and Board Members informed with ready made reports and read only access.