Flexible, transparent pricing

In a culture of ever changing expectations flexibility is crucial. Our flexible, transparent pricing gives you Complete® control to build what you need, then adjust when you need to.

Base cost


This is the basic cost to host your documents, manage the back end of your database, and fuel our developers with the occasional coffee so we can continuously improve Complete® and the services we offer you.

Client Manager £79.99

£79.99 pm

Everyone needs a champion. Your Client Manager is your Complete® champion and has full access to all the system’s functionality.

Internal User £59.99

£59.99 pm

Your core users are active in your database but don’t have the power to make fundamental changes.

External User £29.99

£29.99 pm

Invite your strategic partners, and suppliers, and boost collaborative working across organisational boundaries.

Internal Read Only £9.99

£9.99 pm

Your internal partners who have an interest but are not actively part of the contract management process.

External Read Only £9.99

£9.99 pm

Think auditors, and Directors, of partner organisations. You can revoke these when they’re not in use.