5 ways Complete can streamline your Document Management Processes

Dinah SackeyContract Management

Computer graphic of files and documents

The push for paper free businesses has increased the use of digital solutions to streamline common administrative processes. In recent years an explosion of software solutions and phone based apps have offered businesses the ability to create, process, and store documents electronically, avoiding the inevitable stack of paperwork that will only be shredded once retention dates expire. Whilst the world is not yet paper free the availability of digital solutions has moved us into paper light environments where information can be stored in ways that improve access, distribution, retention, and disposal.

When we designed Complete, we wanted an all-rounder; a system that is simple to use, with the potential to build from a base module up to a formidable solution that can handle complex processes. At the core of our design is a powerful document management system that can support your Document Management strategy.

Here are 5 ways Complete can streamline your Document Management Processes

1: Centralised document storage

An expected feature of any good EDMS Complete offers scalable storage with access to your documents 24/7/365. Capable of storing a host of file types, up to 65mb each our clean user interface facilitates easy navigation, upload, download and pdf preview of documents.

2: Version Control

Automatic versioning adds version control to your documents to support easy recognition of your most recent upload. Historical documents are sequentially indexed and stored together to reduce the complexity of identifying past versions and our naming convention tool allows your organisation to enforce a naming structure that simplifies the indexing of your documents.

3: Simplified retrieval

Quickly retrieve your documents with a system search for keywords, meta tags, and hash tags. Our dynamic search function retrieves documents that best match your search string with clear versioning that directs you to the exact document you need.

4: Identity and access management

To ensure your documents are only available to the right people, at the right time, our powerful permissions structure allows access restriction based on user licences. Additional layers of security are then built into your solution with secure storage areas, defined by you, for sensitive documents.

5: Audit Trail

Our solution captures all your system level activity creating a robust audit trail of actions that can be traced back to individual logins. Our audit trail supports GDPR, and HIPAA guidelines by providing visibility of who has access to your solution, the actions they have taken, and the documents they have seen.